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This is an optional decoding module already included in CODE300-32 Extended
It's possible order the complete CODAN PAKAGE for Code300-32 Standard only at the tiome of puchase 
Codan Chipr are included as a standard module in Code300-32 Standard 

CODAN Options include: 

  • decoding module for CODAN 9001/312 DATA signal 16 tones QPSK
  • decoding module for CODAN CHIRP signal 
  • software CODAN Converter for manage binary data (like fax, word document, images) received from CODAN 9001/312
We have splitted the CODAN decoder into two separate decoder, but they can work interactive if requested. Both are running in multitasking.

CODAN CHIRP decoder: measures the real center frequency of the transmitting station and tunes the data decoder automatically, and decode the ALE part of the transmission.

CODAN DATA decoder: is a QPSK scheme it uses 16 in-band tones from 656.25 Hz to 2343.75 Hz, spaced 112.5 Hz apart. These centre frequencies are derived from a 600 Hz to 2400 Hz frequency spread and 112.5 Hz per Quaternary Phase Shift Keyed (QPSK) channel.

The CODAN DATA Decoder is fully automatic and supports compression and selective calling. The uncompressed throughput is 1475 bps, with compression 6000 bps is possible. CODAN is using several modes for transmission, the structure of each mode is different. These are: Non secure Non compressed Secure compressed non compressed Secure non compressed Broadcast mode Chat mode 

Examples Codan decoding: on the left part of the decoding Chirp - LE, right on top of decoding the HS data from a message in clear. 

Example of Codan decoding: left decoding of the long sequence Chirp - LE, right on top of decoding the HS data of a message into groups of 5 letters.  

Togheter wih Codan Data and Codan Chirp our "Codan Pakage" include a special software called Codan Binary Converter that recover automatically all type of binary data like fax, word document and pictures.